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down the hatch

Posted by admin | September 2, 2021

zailey attention

Getting kids to take medicine is hard. Hell, some adults are bad about it, too (yours truly, for example). And then there are pets.

Zailey is on an anti-anxiety medication. She takes one pill daily (half a pill at each meal). At supper, she gets a can of wet food, so it is easy to slip in medication in that. In the morning, she only gets dry food. I put her pill in a pill pocket for her to have as a little treat, but she has gotten wily to my subterfuge. So, instead of eating it, I must force it into the back of her throat. Her natural reflex takes care of the rest and down the pill goes. I look forward to this every single morning. Not.

Another tough pill to swallow is how busy I have been lately. With work, social outings, a mini vacation, and writing, I’ve been swamped. Looking ahead is another mini vacation, more work (as in I’m working a part-time job in addition to my regular job), and several events within a week and a half of each other. I’m just a little stressed.

Oh, and then there is the release of my next book, Death Curse. While I’m relieved to have this one done and almost out the door (it’s on pre-order until October 5th), I’ve also been worried about marketing it. Since it is a sequel, I’m going to rely on promoting book one in the series to see if that doesn’t then trickle in some sales to book two. Then again, I’m hoping most everyone who reads book one will also get book two (they should as I think the second is better than the first).

Another tough pill to swallow has been the fact that my narrator for the last four novels is unable to continue with me for this ride (trip abroad and too many other projects). I really don’t like having a different narrator for the first and second books of this series, but not much I can do about it. I think I’ve found a good replacement narrator, though.

Pills may not go down easily for me and Zailey. Maybe we just need a spoon full of sugar (or in my case, clearing up some of my schedule, which I’m working towards).


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