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Posted by admin | January 18, 2020

zailey running

The other day, Zailey for no good reason, indicated she wanted out by clawing at the back door. I mean, she had just been out there fifteen minutes before this, so she shouldn’t have needed to go to the bathroom again, already. But she was adamant that she wanted out and I figured she might have forgotten to do number 2 on her previous outing to do number 1. Either that, or she had an upset tummy and needed more frequent trips. Concerned, I watched her.

The moment I opened the door, a flock of swallows or some little bird took to the air. Zailey was already running for them, but now had to leap after these birds. They, of course, were well beyond reach. She then had to bark and run around the yard making sure these creatures were truly out of her yard. I shut the door to let her chase birds she was never going to catch.

I’ve been birdy lately, too. I see a flock of geese flying overhead and I yearn for my call and my shotgun to take one or two home to roast (or I’ve got plans to make one into jerky). The only problem is that hunting excursions mean that I’m not at home writing, but I have a plan for that. (By the way, I must confess that I am taking time out from my pheasant hunt today to post this blog!)

For a while now, I’ve been doing “market research” by reading popular books, especially if they interest me. Right now, I am reading Outlander which I am finding similarities between it and Flaming Curse in that they are both historical fantasy and romance. I’m not keen on the writing style of this author, but I can see why it is popular and why it was made into a television series. I figure in between calling of birds, I can do my “market research”.

Unlike Zailey, I plan on catching a few birds. Hell, Zailey won’t even know what to do with one when she catches one. I, on the other hand, do.


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