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cage match

Posted by admin | February 25, 2019

One evening I was getting ready to feed the dogs. I had already fed Jynx, so the dogs knew I was coming around with food for them. Since the dogs have a history of fighting over food, I feed them in their kennels. As soon as I opened Milo’s kennel, he was in it. I was still working on getting food for him when Zailey also rushed into Milo’s kennel. The fight was on, then.

Milo’s kennel is pretty small since Milo is a small dog. With him in there, Zailey could only get in about half way. Since I was right there, I pulled on her hind section. Of course, with the fighting, I couldn’t get a good grip the first several times. I finally got her out. Milo tried to be all macho and standoff with her still, so I slammed the kennel door in his face. This meant, I lost the grip on Zailey. Of course, I was yelling at her during all of this, so she knew she was in deep shit. She ran away from me. I opened her kennel door and she ran in there to get away from me. Milo had no injuries and I didn’t bother checking Zailey. I fed them both and kept them kenneled up for a long while to cool off.

I enjoy a good fight sequence in books. Writing them can be fun as well. The fight at the end of Flaming Curse was thought out well before I began to write the novel. It was exciting to read when I finished it. I wish I could tell you all about it, but it would give away too many spoilers. I guess you’ll have to read it when it comes out! (Note: I hope to have it out this fall.)

The dogs fighting was scary to me just like I’m sure people reading my fight sequence will also be scared or at least at the edge of their seat. Now if only I could get these damn dogs to quit fighting. Sorry, but I won’t stop writing fun fight sequences. (Oh, and the one that I have planned for the sequel, Death Curse, is going to be bigger, deadlier, and even scarier. Fun!)


Posted by Jehree on
Love all the stories of the pets and how it connects to the writing. Very cool!
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