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can cats talk to dogs?

Posted by admin | August 29, 2018

First, let me start with a disclaimer. This post is not based on any scientific study, just my own observations. So, let's talk about it. Can cats and dogs talk to each other?

I believe the answer is yes. The other night, Zailey was pitching a fit in her kennel at 1:50AM. I wasn't happy to have been woken up so early. I got up to let her and Milo out. Usually, I have to carry Milo as he is too groggy to walk on his own after being woken up in this manner. This night was different. He ran out so fast, I couldn't catch him. I let Zailey follow and she also ran. I knew something was up since Zailey usually jogs out when she needs to pee, not run. I loped behind to see what had them so wound up. On the second landing (we have a landing and then a step up to a second landing in the middle of the stairs), the two dogs were fighting over what they consider a treat. I consider it shit, cat shit to be exact, but they consider it a treat. They woofed down a majority of it before I could get to them and force them outside. I then cleaned up the rest of the shit.

Now, I know that you are thinking how do I consider this proof of dogs and cats communicating. There are several factors involved here, so let's start with motive. Jynx loves dog food. He is always trying to reach a paw in to any dog leftovers left in their kennels at the end of a meal. So, he wants dog food. The way to get it is to pay the dogs back with food. He doesn't want to give up his own food, so the only other thing he has is his poop, which the dogs love. It is a win, win.

The next thing to consider is how did the dogs know that Jynx had delivered his end of the bargain, in the middle of the night, with the dogs in their kennel in the master bedroom, with no visible access of the stairs? The answer is that Jynx told them that it was there ready for them. The next thing they did after being told it was ready for them was to wake me up by pretending they needed to go out and go potty. By the way, they can usually go seven hours or so before needing out. That night it was less than three. So, unless Zailey forgot to potty before bed, she was faking.

Also, this isn't the first time that something of this nature has taken place. Usually it is in the day time and the dogs want out of their kennels after Jynx has pooped on the floor. Oh, and the reason the dogs are in their kennels is because they are eating their supper, so you know Jynx really wants at that food right then and there.

I thought of a good solution to all of this. For a while, I removed any excess food from their bowls after breakfast. Then I found that Milo would hide his food and Jynx was finding it. So, that didn't work.

Lately, the critique about my dialog has been that it is too stilted and unnatural. This is really odd to me as I usually excel at writing dialog. What I do is imagine two characters or a group of characters and they talk in my head. Then I just write what they say as they say it. Easy, right? Apparently, my imaginary friends are failing me of late. I'm sure I'm just in a slump and will come out of it soon and it is better to find the problem now than when I'm getting ready to publish!

I'm at my wits end with all this chatter, whither the lack of it in my mind or between the dogs and cat!


Posted by Jehree on
First of all Ewww! Lol. But totally makes sense they communicate. I have always believed animals can.
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