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cat fight

Posted by admin | October 19, 2019

The following incident happened a few weeks ago. The dogs and cat wanted out and it was late, well after dark. I didn’t think much of it at the time and let them do their business. I did a chore and was back at the door to let them in a few minutes later (if even that long). The dogs came right in, but Jynx was taking his sweet time, which wasn’t unusual. I hollered for him, but he seemed distracted. He was looking at the top of the fence right next to the house. I tried to coax him along, but whatever had his attention was stronger than I was. I think Jynx turned to come inside and it was the turning of his back that brought on the attack. From my point of view, the attack came from nowhere. Another cat jumped down on Jynx, rolling him.

The second cat looked like Jynx, except a little smaller. I was yelling, the cats were hissing and giving cries. The feet were flying and it looked like mouths were looking for purchase. I didn’t want to get in the middle of those claws and teeth, but I was scared for my kitty. I yelled for them to stop.

No cat ever listens. They didn’t stop. My wife later asked who won the fight, and I answered, “Zailey”. Just because I was afraid to get in the middle, didn’t mean Zailey wasn’t afraid. She ran full speed through my legs and out the door. One cat ran for the yard and the other cat ran inside. Luckily, Jynx was the one that ran inside. The other cat must have jumped the fence as Zailey ran circles in the yard making sure that it was clear of all cats other than her own. I found Jynx upstairs (he ran all the way there before stopping). He was tired and shaking. He warily eyed me as I approached. He let me pet him but hissed when I tried to assess him for injuries. I let him be for a minute before trying again. He wasn’t happy, but he let me look him over. He wasn’t bleeding was all that I could tell. His right, hind leg seemed sore, probably from the other cat landing on him. Jynx was very lethargic and wouldn’t eat much for days after the fight. Not sure if it was PTSD or if there was some internal injuries going on that took a little time to heal. He’s better now.

On to the next fight. I recently won a free license to a book writing program called Scrivener. It has all sorts of tools to help storyboard the story, write it, and publish it in varying formats. I started playing with it and found that it was useful to a point. The ability to edit the book with another person is lacking. But that is near the end of the book writing process. The thing is, once I export the document out of the program, it’ll be a lot more work to put it back in to actually have it help me produce in the varying formats. So, I’ve been going back and forth in my mind as to if this product is even going to be worth using in the long run.

Just like the cat fight on my back patio, the fight in my mind did not come out in favor of one or the other. I’ll continue to use Word for Whispers Within as I’m almost done with it and use Scrivener for Death Curse since I may need some of the story organization features as the story continues to unfold as I write it. If only I had a Zailey to come in and break up the fight for me. Stay tuned to see what happens next.


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