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Posted by admin | September 15, 2020

all three animals on one couch

Every day, I spend some time with the animals. Maybe not a lot and certainly not as much as I’d like, but some time. I try to pet or hold the animals in turn (they start pushing each other out if I hold more than one at a time). Or I may play with them. Whatever I do, I am connecting with them in one way or another.

The whole reason I have animals is for that connection. They depend on me to live, but I depend on them for support and affection. It’s expensive, but I guess it’s worth it.

A number of my chapters in Death Curse (the sequel to Flaming Curse) don’t seem to connect to the story. At least that is what my critique group keeps telling me as I share them. I know the reader will agree as they read them. The thing is, there are things that Marta (the main character) is learning in these chapters that will pay off in the end. There are also twists coming that will tie these chapters together and connect them. Since Marta isn’t aware of this, the reader isn’t aware either. So, the payoff will be there, eventually.

I’ve made sure that these chapters are fairly fast paced and exciting to read. I’d hate for things to drag while the reader is trying to figure out the connection to the rest of the story as that would make them not want to continue reading. I’m sure they will finish the book at the point of these chapters as they are all after the halfway point and are invested in the main plot. Plus, when they get to the end and realize it was really worth reading, they’ll want another book in the series (still working on a plot for Thunderbolt Curse). In other words, the reader will be able to connect with the book.

Connection is key wither with animal or reader!


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