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doubling down

Posted by admin | August 15, 2018

Milo loves playing with a basketball. Zailey would sometimes play with it, but Milo does a lot of head kicks with it around the yard. Since there is a significant hill in their yard, he gets to use it to help the ball along as he chases it. Whenever Milo is playing with the basketball, Zailey also wants to play. She chases him around as he chases the ball around. Not to mention her insistent barking all the while.

Milo isn't silent during this. He is on a mission and he has a growl as he plays with the ball. It isn't a guttural growl, but more excited than anything else.

Since the two fought over the ball, my wife bought a second basketball. Milo still prefers to play with the old ball, but he sometimes plays with the new one especially when the old one is stuck. Zailey prefers to play with whatever ball Milo is playing with. So instead of ending the barking and chasing, it still continues. Well most of the time.

The other night, a miracle occurred (though my wife contends it has happened before). Milo played with one ball and Zailey was playing with the other. No barks or chasing each other. Milo was still doing his growl and Zailey was doing her best to headbutt her ball farther and faster than Milo. The balls were finally doing their job!

Lately, I've been getting into watching vloggers (video bloggers). These people have entertaining things to say and do it with such energy and enthusiasm that I can't help it. It has made me wonder if I should ditch my blog and take up vlogging.

I seriously considered this and what it would take to do this. The equipment these people use costs some dough (maybe not a lot, but I'd rather be spending my money elsewhere). Also, the amount of time these people put into editing and post production work must be enormous. One has a lot of picture in picture stuff and charts to help illustrate what they are talking about and that takes a time as well as a little skill. Then there is the consistent high quality of speaking that these people do. I'm always saying "uh" as I think of what I'm going to say next. These people don't have any of that (though they might be doing multiple takes or something which means even more time editing).

Then there is the content. I'm always talking about animals in my blog. Do I film my animals 24/7 waiting for them to do something interesting enough to vlog about? Ugh, I don't have the time for that!

So, doubling down on basketballs, good. Doubling down on blogging/vlogging, bad. Though, I do have a crazy notion to get a gopro and put it on my head when I go hunting. That might be interesting, but not for marketing my writing assuming I share the content. More of a fun for me to do type of thing.


Posted by Jehree on
Cute story! Sounds like us humans in general too. If we have a car or phone or an item we tend to look at what others have. Lol.
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