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Posted by admin | October 13, 2017

I don't remember when this was, but it was probably a month or two ago. Jynx was making the face he usually made when he was ill. He even started making some coughing sounds like he was going to be ill. My wife got up from her chair to see if she couldn't help him out. This actually scared him and he ran up the stairs. He made it to the landing before he threw up.

When he got to the landing, he had gone to the corner and faced outward. It was like he was trying to get into a defensible position. As he threw up, he sidestepped into a quarter circle. He left an arc of puke in his wake.

My wife wasn't feeling well at the time and knew that she would puke if she cleaned it up. I wasn't feeling the greatest as I cleaned it up and almost added to the mess myself. I was not happy.

Jynx, though, was much better after this. He had exorcised his demons.

Speaking of demons, I find demon mythology fascinating. From time to time, I get a writing idea that involves one. I've come acrossed a couple of interesting demons for stories that appeared in ShortsIn one of the stories, I was finding it hard to figure out the ending. I was getting tired and pushing my mind to fight for some good idea. The story just came together so suddenly that I was taken aback by the result. This is the one and only time that my writing has scared me because it is almost like something supernatural whispered the ending to me. Not that I'm complaining. I thought the ending to Soul Harvest was great.

No matter how you exorcise your demons (especially for Friday the 13th), you feel better afterwards. Jynx and I can attest to that.


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