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fighting to get out

Posted by admin | September 25, 2018

The other morning, I slept in. The dogs were whining and scratching to be let out. I don't blame them for that as I was glad that they had held it as long as they did.

I almost always carry Milo as he tends to jump around and run ragged. This usually wakes up my wife, but also makes Zailey hyper as well. By carrying Milo, Zailey quickly runs downstairs, looks around a minute, and then heads for the back door. This morning was different.

Milo needed to go so bad, he ran through my arms. I let Zailey out and prepared for the two of them to jump on the bed. Neither did and they headed straight for the stairs. I followed. The three of us were met on the main floor by Jynx. He also wanted out, so he ran under the table next to the back door. The dogs also didn't go too far astray on the way to the door. I think Milo stopped to drink some water, but was otherwise a good dog. With everyone being so good, I decided I would let Jynx go out with the dogs (I try to restrict Jynx's outdoor time).

I slid open the door wide enough for the two dogs to go out since I was expecting Jynx to run out after the other two. I was surprised to see two dogs and a cat all trying to go out at the same time. Zailey was in the middle, so Milo and Jynx both got pushed against the door and doorframe, respectively. Despite Zailey having a longer frame, she made it out first with the other two being pinned. Milo was basically clawing at the ground, but not moving forward. Jynx just waited a second until he had room to go again. None, were any worse the wear and they all made it out. If only I had opened the door a little wider! Then again, I wouldn't have this humorous start to the day if I had opened the door wider.

Before my mind became Swiss cheese due to seasonal allergies, I had all these plans to get all of these writing projects done. Many were geared toward releasing Twisted and also getting ready to finish Flaming Curse. There was also a question of when I would return to writing Whispers Within which has been stalled for months now (it looks like I'll get back to it early next year). Some of my plans were contingent on other things happening, so I've already had to shuffle things around a bit. In this way, they were jockeying for position. Plus, if I start getting ahead again during my retreat next month, there will be some more jockeying.

My plans may not be fighting like the kids did the other day, but there is still fighting going on. It'll all resolve itself, but I'd like for my plans and the animals to become orderly. Is that too much to ask?


Posted by Jehree on
Reminds me of my three dogs sizes medium, small and extra small doing the same thing with my sliding glass door. They are so silly and it is entertaining. Hope you get more writing done as you want!
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