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Posted by admin | July 18, 2019

Zailey will run full out when we throw a toy. In the dining area, we have faux wood floors. She slips on those floors every time. Most of the time, this means she slides into the patio doors, headfirst. I think it is hilarious. My wife hates that I do it on purpose, but she laughs too.

Lately, we’ve found that the patio doors aren’t shutting properly. It would seem that Zailey has bonked her head one too many times and warped the door to the point where it isn’t fitting into the frame properly. Not sure what repairs are going to cost me, but this isn’t funny anymore.

Okay, not as funny, but still funny.

Not everyone gets my sense of humor. I understand that. One of the critiques of Dark Matter mentions my comedy story, “The Silent Perfect War”. While I thought the critique was overly critical (they should have realized that it wasn’t their cup of tea and said that), I know other people laugh their asses off reading it. (By the way, you can read that story for free on Goodreads.)

Zailey and I both love to be funny despite it not being pleasing to everyone we encounter. Let’s hope that the majority of people have the same sense of humor as us, though!


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