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Posted by admin | April 7, 2018

Jynx had to go the vet for his annual exam and blood workup. The ride to the vet was full of whiny mews and general displeasure. I felt guilty for taking him in, but it needed done.

I left him there for the day. After work, I went to pick him up, but found the devil instead. I have never seen a domesticated cat hiss and yowl so much before in my life. The vet and techs refused to get him out of the kennel and moved into the carrier. That is why they brought me in. Jynx even hissed at me!

I had the tech close the door to the kennel room so that if Jynx escaped me, he couldn't go very far. I tried to sooth him with my voice and even tried to pet him through the cage. He didn't want any of that and tried to slice my fingers off. Somehow, I managed to convince him that I was there to take him away from that hell. I slowly opened the kennel door and pushed the carrier into the cage. Jynx jumped in without complaint. He didn't even issue his normal whiny mews until we were almost home and I had even stopped for gas on the way.

It took a couple of days for him to really trust me again. I think it helped that I rescued him. It also helps that I feed him and give him treats.

My writing is screaming for attention much like Jynx in that cage. I give it my word that I'll free the beast, soon. I don't think it is soon enough, though. Eventually, that beast will be unleashed on the world!

Hellcats are hard to tame. Sometimes you just have to give them what they want and they get over their grudges.


Posted by Jehree on
Sounds like quite the experience! Pets do not like the vet!
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