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horsing around

Posted by admin | May 29, 2019

A few weeks ago, I was at my mother’s taking care of her horses while she rested up from having surgery (she’s fine, now). One of her horses is a Clydesdale named Iris. She weighs in at about 2100 pounds. One of the times we came home, the horse was eager to see us. She jumped and pranced around as we pulled into the drive. She looked like a big, overgrown puppy wanting to play with their best friend on coming home. Except that this puppy could squash you if you got under its huge feet.

My week at mom’s meant that I didn’t get much done with my writing. A lot of time was devoted to feeding horses, playing chauffer for my mom, and trying to get some sleep during the seemingly constant Arkansas thunderstorms. Oh, and my back didn’t like that bed I was sleeping on. My lack of nightly sleep meant some naps were in order. Plus, I had to do some of my own horsing around. My mom was pretty upset that I beat her at almost every single game that we played (sorry, not sorry)! She won one round of Phase 10. On top of all of that, this was a work week that I was away, so I did as much work as I could from the road. As you can see, there were some fairly important things going on that week away.

Now that I am done helping my mom out, it is time to quit horsing around. I’ll leave that for Iris to do! I’ve got a few books that need my attention.


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