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Posted by admin | August 18, 2019

A few weeks ago, I was working in the garage. I had the door open so my sawdust went outside rather than keeping it in. I looked up at one point to find a basset hound walking up, inspecting what I was doing. This dog was ugly, like most bassets. It also had a few too many pounds of fat. When it walked, loose skin and fat jiggled.

Up the street, I heard a commotion. It sounded like there was a search party mounting. I asked if they were looking for a basset hound. They were, so I pointed to the dog that was now walking to my yard to water the grass, if you know what I mean. The dog owners were grateful to get their dog back and I was amused by this rotund ball of fur.

From time to time, I get an idea so good I must work on it right away. Sometimes it is in the middle of the night, but other times it is during the day. Often, it is during the night. This means that I get up, boot my computer, and start writing. Sometimes it is just notes for some other time when it is better. Most of the time, I write the full chapter or short story. This adds up to me losing sleep.

When I was preparing Twisted for publication, I decided that I wanted to next focus on Whispers Within since I have been working on it for years and still don’t have it done. This meant that I was going to *not* write any short stories. My mind had other plans. I came home one day with an idea that was too good not to write. A little over 2K words spewed forth onto the page in about an hour. Usually, I am good for about 1K or 1.5K an hour with the later being extremely rare occasions for me. I must really be booking it to get 1.5K let alone the 2K I got for this story.

Being hounded isn’t always good, but I generally find them to be positive. I don’t plan to publish that short story for years, yet. We’ll see how it is received after that.


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