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I’m so excited

Posted by admin | May 9, 2019

The other day, Zailey was so excited when I got out her leash. She wouldn’t even sit still for me to put it on. She couldn’t help it even though she didn’t know where she was going.

When we got outside, she kept looking to me for a clue. She didn’t know if she was going for a walk or a car ride. I thought she wanted to go potty, so I was waiting for her. She never went potty, so I loaded her in the car with Milo.

They were all over the place as I drove. They still didn’t know their ultimate destination, but they were eager to find out.

In the parking lot of the vet clinic, Zailey was still excited. There were so many smells in the parking lot and around it. She pottied then.

It was time to take her and Milo inside. We got to that front door and then her excitement was gone. She did not want to go inside. She did not want to sit next to me as I talked to the desk clerk. She did not want to go with the technician. She just looked at me with her sad eyes that made me wish I wasn’t dropping her off for the weekend.

I get pretty excited about a lot of my writing adventures. Each book marks a new chapter in my life that I find fun. The problem is that after the book comes out, I run into this brick wall in the shape of the millions of other books out there already competing for attention. My excitement drops in the face of that.

Right now, I’m excited about Flaming Curse. It has the potential to fight through that competition and be a force out there. I think it is unique enough to be interesting to all sorts of people while at the same time having a tidbits of familiarity (the Flint Hills of Kansas, Wild Bill Hickok, battle of good versus evil, and so much more). This story is my favorite to tell and I hope it becomes the favorite of my fans.

Zailey was excited when I picked her up from the vet just like my fans will be when they pick up this book. Get ready as it is coming soon!


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