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it's a lizard eat lizard world

Posted by admin | September 7, 2019

As a precursor to this blog, I have to say that I love lizards. Until now, I haven’t lived in a place with a lot of lizards (I remember finding a salamander as a boy at the farm one summer). Usually, I’ve lived in places with snakes. I’ve lived in Junction City for 7 years now and have seen one horned lizard (commonly referred to as a horny toad), countless prairie skinks (black bodied with bluish tails and usually 3 to 9 inches in length), and countless great plains skinks (grey and usually 6 to 18 inches in length). The great plains skinks are kind of ugly and there are a ton burrowing under my driveway to the point where I am getting tired of them. I love seeing the prairie skinks as they are pretty and would like to see more of the horned lizards.

One evening, I am walking up the driveway to the garage. I spotted two prairie skinks about 6 inches long sitting on the driveway in between some vegetation and the front tire of my wife’s car. They spotted me and one dove for cover. The other was warily watching me as I stopped. I had hopes of getting my cell phone out to get a picture of it. A great plains skink that was about 12 inches long had other plans. It jumped out of the vegetation and attacked the prairie skink that remained. It got in a bite to the head before it noticed me. The great plains skink let go and the prairie skink ran for cover. Then the great plains skink slunk back to cover as well.

The other day, I saw an advertisement an author had put out. He was looking for donors for his kick starter campaign. That gave me pause. I mean, why would someone not advertise their work? I’ve read one of this guy’s books and enjoyed it enough that I’ve bought another one. It seems to me that this guy is looking for money to write his next book instead of selling what he has already written. To me, that seems backwards.

Now if anyone reading this would like to donate money, I won’t turn you down. To this author’s credit, he was offering a bunch of perks to funding him. You’d get swag as well as a pre-release copy of the book in question. So really, this was an extremely fancy preorder deal. As fast as he turns out a new book, you wouldn’t have too long to wait before getting the book. I’m just wondering if the pre-release version will be as edited and polished as the final release. By the way, the pre-release was only two weeks before the regular release, so I’m sure it would be nearly done with the polishing.

I guess this author thinks he is going to get more attention through this and rake in some extra dough. Me, I unsubscribed from the medium that sent the advertisement. I still plan to read the book that I’ve purchased, but it’ll have to be really good for me to want to purchase any more of his books.

I understand that in a lizard eat lizard world, sometimes you need to do things to survive. I just don’t think what this author will work and may even hurt his reputation/brand a little. I am going to do what I think is best for me and my brand. What do you all think?


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