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Posted by admin | January 25, 2019

The other day, Milo climbed up on my lap to get attention. Zailey also wanted attention, so she laid down next to me. I had a drink in my right hand, so I only had one free hand to comply with the two dogs’ needs. I petted Milo a second and then petted Zailey. Milo was pissed that I didn’t keep petting him, so he turned to nip at his competition. Instead of nipping Zailey, he missed and bit me instead. Since it was just a nip, it didn’t break the skin or even really was that hard. I was pissed though. 

Milo knew he did something wrong right away. He jumped down and cowered a few feet away. Zailey perked her ears up wondering what happened. I yelled at the little asshole, threatened to give him away to his grandpa, and put him in time out in his kennel. I then made sure to love Zailey well within eyesight of him to really let it sink in that he did something wrong while Zailey acted right. 

One of my friends is retired and uses some of his free time writing. Another friend of mine is contemplating retiring soon so that he can focus on writing. It is my dream that I could become financially fit enough to retire early to focus on writing. I even have gone as far as to figure out what my schedule would be. 

The first thing I would do every morning is edit the previous day’s work. Enough time will have passed between writing the stuff to where I can have a clear head to edit with. After editing is done, I would then dive into new projects. Writing chapters/short stories, blogging, researching, outlining, and marketing would be worked on a highest priority rate. The goals would be to still get a blog out every ten days, do something else marketing related the other nine days, and release a new book every forty-five to sixty days. And yes, I think I can sustain that rate. 

Jealousy is a powerful emotion. Unlike Milo, I’ve kept my jealousy down, but it doesn’t mean I can’t still dream. My day is coming! 


Posted by Jehree on
Sounds like a awesome plan! I hope to do the same when retired in my bookstore/winery. We can dream until then!
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