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Posted by admin | November 15, 2020

dogs on lap

Imagine sitting down and finally relaxing after a hard day of work. Then a forty plus pound blue healer wants on your lap. Instead of laying comfortably, she sits there. Then imagine a ten plus pound jack russell coming in wanting attention as well. Except I now have no lap and the crook of my arm now must be used to support him there as well. And then my wife asks, “whose dog are you?” The above picture is their responses.

Isn’t it supposed to be that in any marriage, “what’s yours is mine?” Apparently, the dogs have their favorite parent. Maybe it is that they have their favorite parent TO CLIMB ON! They certainly give her loving and attention at times. It’s just that they like to cuddle up with me if I’m relaxing.

You can see the phone in my hand in the picture above as well. I was apparently gaming, looking at something on social media or google, or looking over one of my various lists of outstanding projects. In any case, the dogs interrupted me. We were watching TV, so I guess I allowed myself to get engrossed by whatever was on instead of whatever I was doing on my phone for a little while.

Anyway, my phone is my connection to all sorts of resources and a number are related to writing. Google Keep (synchs to the cloud, so accessible on my computer as well) is an app where I keep the various lists for what I would like to do next with my writing. I’ve almost got a schedule in there for the chapters to write and all the supplemental things that go with publishing and maintaining my website, including this blog. I’ve even got a list of stories I’d like to further develop as I get time and the order I’d like to tackle them in.

I’ve got several websites which I access by phone to help me. My newsletter website has a mobile interface that allows me to work on things. Not the best for writing full articles, but if I’ve got a little something to tweak, it works great. I’ve even been known to hop around various sites looking for the image for the next great book cover. I’ll save it to the cloud to work with later and develop into the cover on my laptop.

The reason I am talking about my phone is that the company that makes the software that I now write in, Scrivener, is thinking about making a mobile version. I’m not sure what to think about this. My words per minute would need to get much higher from the mobile for this to be remotely usable. Then again, for editing a piece after writing it, this might be useful.

In any case, the dogs may think they own me, but my mind is in my phone more than anywhere else!


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