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Posted by admin | October 25, 2020

all three animals on one couch

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is almost upon us. Every November, writers take up the challenge to write 50k words (supposedly a full novel) in less than a month. It works out to being 1,666 and 2/3rds words per day on average. For me, that is about a chapter or 3/4ths of a short story every single day. Some writers burn themselves out attempting this feat. I heard of one writer who tried for a double NaNoWriMo (100K words) and quit writing after they accomplished that. It is something that I am leery of doing given that I also work full time. Now if I didn’t work, I think I could do this. In fact, I could probably do the double with no problem. I would even throw in some editing time during the month and get things ready to publish as well. I would also make every month NaNoWriMo for me, not just November. This way I could publish twelve books a year or so. Or, if I’ve got the time, twenty-four if I can manage the double every single month.

I think the “kids” (Jynx, Milo, and Zailey) would love me being home all the time doing my NaNoWriMos. They’d get some extra attention from me, especially if I’m camped out on the couch doing something. I could even be sure to have my camera ready so I could blog every single funny thing they do. I’d love it, you’d love it, and they would love it!

So, what’s stopping me? A living wage from my books, for one. Another is that I do love what I am doing writing software and would miss it if I ever left it. Then again, writing fiction is far less stressful, I can’t help but dream about retirement and writing full time!


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