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not eating

Posted by admin | July 28, 2019

Jynx has been one sick cat. First, he was drinking a ton which made him piss a ton. He was even going outside of the litter box. The vet diagnosed him with diabetes and gave him an antibiotic since he had crystals in his urine. Jynx wasn’t getting much better, so they sent home some more antibiotics to give him. Then Jynx suddenly went to eating very little due to these antibiotics upsetting his tummy. For about a week, we had to try a bunch of different things in order to get him to eat the bare minimum. We had to quit giving the antibiotics.

Now he is back to eating his normal amount. Actually, he is a little more ravenous than usual. A couple of weeks ago, he even convinced my wife that I didn’t feed him, so he got some extra food.

Have you ever noticed that people in books rarely eat? It’s like that is such a mundane function that it is skipped over by the author. When I don’t eat, I get hangry. Shouldn’t characters in a book do the same?

In Flaming Curse, I have many of the meals mentioned, though some aren’t talked about. For one thing, I think it is interesting what food was available in the old west, which was fun to research. Besides seeing that, I do have one of my main characters miss breakfast and the ill effects he experiences because of that. It is yet another tiny detail that creates conflict to drive the story forward. In other words, I used not eating effectively.

Jynx continues to get better, especially with the insulin. My book is better with details like this. Check it out! Coming in just over a week and available for preorder now!


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