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pool time

Posted by admin | November 9, 2019

My trips to Arizona allow me some time to relax and enjoy the things around me. Family, friends, and meeting new people are a part of these trips. There is also the interesting desert wildlife. Some are even found around my grandmother’s pool. Hummingbirds, butterflies, quail, and lizards are the highlights. Sometimes I grab my camera, but more often I am living the moment from within the pool.

Now my pool time is usually my time to get in some exercise, stretch out my aching body, and to enjoy the cool waters. In general, try my best to turn off my brain, though at times we are conversing in the pool. The furthest from my mind is writing during this.

On the flip side, I do get quite a few writing projects done while in Arizona. Many times, it is on the poolside table where I comfortably sit and work on stuff. In fact, the first draft of this blog was written poolside. It truly is a wonderful, peaceful environment to work in.

I’ve been thinking about a short story and it is coming together in my mind. I’m wanting to submit this to an anthology that can help market me, especially my other short story collections. I’ll also be able to add this to one of my collections down the road as well (slated for Infinite Horizons). During my Arizona trip, I did think about this story and thought about the twists in the story. Mainly, I was trying to figure out how best to let them pan out.

In general, Arizona is where I can recharge, and I love my time down there. Sorry this isn’t about my babies whom I miss so much, but the next post is sure to see their return!


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