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reluctant to go

Posted by admin | July 8, 2018

Milo hasn't been wanting to go outside the last few days. It started right after Independence Day. When it was time to go outside, he would run the other direction. Usually, he would find a place and just sit there with one paw up in the air. He didn't want to go.

I have a couple of theories as to why he doesn't want to go outside. He was left outside with Zailey the evenings of the third and the fourth. I'm sure a few neighbors were lighting off more than a few fireworks. Milo hates the pops, bangs, and whistles. I think he is still afraid that he will be subjugated to more fireworks if he goes out.

The other theory I have is that it has been hot and humid lately. While he does have plenty of water, shade, and even a wading pool to climb in (which he does use unlike Zailey), he does not like to be out with it so hot. Even in the evenings, he is hiding because it is still warm out. Even the usual treat doesn't entice him.

Having the last nine days off from work has been great. I've been able to get a lot done with my writing. I'm hoping that I can keep the momentum rolling even after I return to work. Well, maybe not the same rapid pace that I had this last week, but at least getting something done every day. That should be doable.

I'm reluctant to go back to work as I'm afraid I'll fall back into my habit of putting off my writing. Milo has me to pick him up and set him outside. Who can keep me accountable?


Posted by Jehree on
Great post! Liked the comparison of him going outside in the heat and your writing time with Work. I’m also Looking forward to the fall weather and cooler temperatures!
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