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scenic overlook

Posted by admin | April 27, 2020

jynx looking at neighborhood

My backyard has a significant slope leading up to the trees and fence marking the boundary between my yard and the utility easement behind. The slope is so significant that the ground at the back of the yard is taller than the fence up front. With the shade provided by the trees and the fence, this means someone at the back of the yard can look down on the front yard and on down the street for quite a way. This makes this the perfect spot for the animals to look over the neighborhood.

It began with Rosco, though I suspect he more liked the coolness of the shade. Now Milo, Zailey, and even Jynx all like this overlook. Sometimes, I can’t get the animals to come inside because they are enjoying their perch, especially in these nice cool temperatures we’ve been enjoying. This becomes frustrating at times.

Sometimes during lunch or after work when I have some time to kill (like before a writing group or Coin Club), I write on my work computer. I have dual 27-inch monitors. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kansas issued a Stay at Home order. This meant I was reduced to using my little 14-inch laptop. For writing, I have no problem with it as it is a step up from what I used to have (an 8-inch laptop), but for work it is killing me. I complained to my wife and she said to go buy a monitor, but it is a convenience factor. (Though I do love her for being willing to let me beef up my circumstance.) Anyway, I’m a little less productive at work. My writing hasn’t suffered, I don’t think.

But this does make me think. Would I be more productive on a larger monitor? Going from my little laptop to this new one last fall has made things easier for me. The problem is, I can’t lug a huge monitor around with me everywhere I go. So, it would just be something for at home. Meaning when I need to work away from the home (at writing group, for instance), then I would have to readjust a few settings to make the document fit on my laptop screen. Sure, it takes a few seconds each time for that, but multiply that out, factor in all the other inconveniences, and I’m becoming less efficient. The only other option would be to get a portable monitor, but those are still expensive, especially if they are touchscreens.

As a compromise, I did get an adapter to plug in an old, small monitor. This has been extremely helpful in the short time I’ve had it. Hopefully, it will continue to work out. It is only for at home use and when I am working in my home office (I sometimes work downstairs on my writing), but as I mentioned before, I mainly just need it for work.

The animals still have their scenic overlook and soon I’ll be able to go back to mine at the office. For now, I’ll work the best I can and write like I have been.


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