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Posted by admin | November 17, 2017

Jynx was laying in my suitcase before bed. While I did need to put the suitcase away from my trip this last weekend, I thought the cat was cute to use it as a bed. I decided to carry him with me to my own bed. As I was getting settled, I got a request from my wife to scratch her back. I had placed the cat between us in the crook of my arm to give him attention, so I relayed that to my wife. She didn't think that was a good excuse and took the cat from me so that I could focus on her back. A few minutes later, I was nearly done with scratching my wife's back and Jynx was beyond done with the attention my wife was giving him. With no warning, he yowled, hissed, and scratched my wife's forehead.

My wife was pissed. The cat ran away and she was asking me if Jynx had drawn blood. There was barely any blood, but I think my wife was more pissed at my laughter. Hey, just because it wasn't funny to her didn't mean that it wasn't funny to the rest of the world!

It wasn't the first time that I had drawn my wife's ire that day. The print proof copy of Tech Fear had arrived with a few mistakes. Instead of heading home (I get important items like my books sent to my workplace), I had stayed to make the corrections. They took a bit longer than I anticipated and ended up home after my wife. Since I had told her that I would be home on time, she was justified in her ire. Well at that time, at least.

Now back to those mistakes in my book. One was completely my fault. The page numbers were not the same font as the rest of the text. I had recently reinstalled Word on my laptop, so I had forgotten to put my default back in it.

The other mistake was with the cover. I had worked pretty hard to make sure it was the exact right dimensions, but apparently they were off a touch. Someone at Amazon decided to rework my cover rather than tell me what was wrong. The result was that the front was way off center and the "n" at the end of my last name was chopped. It was bad. I went back, reread the sizing information, and tried again. This time I hope to have it perfectly aligned. The thing is that I had used my cover for Gun Smuggler's Tale to work the cover for this one and the dimensions are nearly identical. I think that Amazon must have stretched that cover to be the right size, but didn't do that to this one. I'm not sure why, though.

At least this was for a proof and not for the real thing. I just scratched the current template, and put in place a corrected one. I just wonder what wrong was being corrected when Jynx scratched my wife. Someone was being an asshole in that bed and it wasn't me for once! (Okay, maybe I was a little bit of an asshole after the scratching occurred.)


Posted by Jehree on
It is funny how the pets in our life feel like we are all a part of the pack and will fight for attention! Hope the corrections go well and the cover comes back ok.
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