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Posted by admin | October 19, 2018

The other morning, Milo didn’t want to come in. After letting the dogs out to do their business, I got their breakfasts ready. Once that was ready, I went to let the dogs in. Zailey was waiting for me and eagerly came in out of the wet and cold morning. Milo was nowhere to be found. I figured he needed an extra minute to do a number two, so I left the door open and waited for him. In the meantime, Jynx wanted out, so I had to ward him off with my foot. A minute of this and Milo finally made an appearance, but he sat down right in the middle of the patio.

I hollered for him to come in while still warding the cat off with my foot. I’m not sure if that my kicks near the doorway were thwarting him or what. He was cold, wet, and soon was shaking. I kept calling him and reassuring him that he could come in.

Finally, Jynx quit trying to escape. He must have figured that I was determined to stop him. Either that or he spotted the dog who may tackle him if he did go out. Either way, I wasn’t doing kicks right inside the door.

I was thinking about going out and grabbing Milo, so I opened the patio door wider. Milo either saw this as being more inviting or he knew I was about to come grab him. He stood up and slowly lumbered toward the door. He then stopped a moment at the step up to the house, but then jumped over the door frame and in. He then did a frenzied run around the living room before kenneling up for his breakfast.

A couple of days before this happened (about a week and a half ago), I was working on a chapter. It was a gun fight that wrapped up a secondary plot line. Both the good guy and the bad guy get shot and is told from the good guy’s point of view. The chapter ends with the good guy’s world fading to black. As I wrote that, I was excited to the point of shaking. The scene worked so well and we are getting close to resolving the main plot, so this is pretty well timed (I’d rather this chapter occurred at the same time as the main plot, but I can’t do that). This also serves as another complication for the ending of the book. To say that I was pleased with the outcome is an overstatement.

Shaking isn’t always a good thing as in Milo’s case, but there are good shakes. I hope my readers shake when they read this chapter!


Posted by Jehree on
Great story and I agree there are good shakes, sounds like a exciting scene in your story!
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