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sitting still

Posted by admin | May 19, 2019

It is impossible for Zailey to sit still. If something is going on around her, she needs to be right there in it. Hell, she practically sleeps with one eye open so she doesn’t miss anything. This makes it harder to get loving from her. You have to practically hold her hostage or make sure everything in the house is one hundred percent calm (like when Milo and Jynx are both asleep).

This bugs my wife to no end. She wakes up often to Zailey stirring in her kennel. Other times Zailey could be in the middle of licking my wife’s foot and suddenly be off after Milo because he went to get a drink. Not to mention the barking when someone passes our house. I get pretty peeved at that one, too.

When I am sitting still, my mind wanders. I may not be physically active like Zailey, but my mind is going a million miles an hour. The only problem is capturing my thoughts properly. For example, I will have a thought on changing something to one of my stories. Ten seconds later, I’ve forgotten the specifics of what I was wanting to change. Sometimes it comes back to me, but other times it doesn’t. Even though I keep saying I’ll take notes, I rarely do. Usually it is because I am driving or am otherwise engaged. Plus, it usually takes more than ten seconds to get somewhere to take a note and, I’ve already forgotten it by then.

Like Zailey’s hyperactivity, my wandering mind bugs my wife. She’ll ask me a question and I don’t answer because I am thinking. She then talks some more to fill the void. I have to stop thinking to listen or stop listening to keep thinking. Both options annoy her to no end. Sorry, honey!

Sitting still means very different things to Zailey and I, but we are both active while doing it. I think it helps my writing to think like I do and Zailey’s activity makes for good fodder. So, here’s to sitting still for the both of us!


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