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snow hell

Posted by admin | March 18, 2019

We were getting snow storm after snow storm last month. Usually, we get a warming period in between snow storms to where one snow melts before the next one comes down. Jynx hasn’t been happy about this. He used to go out from time to time to bask in the sunshine or to munch on grass (when it wasn’t dormant). Heck, he would go outside just to run around for a minute and watch birds. With snow on the ground, he does not want to be out there.

You can tell he misses the outdoors. He’ll run up to the sliding door like he wants to go out. He’ll longingly gaze through that glass at his yard. The moment I open that door, though, he’ll jump back.

I got him good a couple of times. Instead of opening the door to let him out on his own, I would first put my hand behind him so he couldn’t back away. Then I would open the door and push him out. I would have to close the door right away after that or he would probably run back in. If he did get cold, there was a heated dog house for him to hide in. But he usually just moseyed around the patio until I let him in. Either that, or he would sit at the door waiting for me.

The snow has played hell with my work schedule. I had days where I worked from home, had an early release, and had late starts. This meant that I’ve had more time to write. I’m zipping right through projects at home. The problem is getting home. My normal thirty-five minute commute has been as much as two hours. That eats into some of that time that I was gaining. Though the net has been in my favor and why so much stuff has gotten done.

Speaking of commutes, I feel bad about some thoughts I had on one. I was going about forty on ice and was really having issues going that fast. People were passing me going sixty or seventy. It got to the point where I started wishing they would learn to slow down. Sliding into the ditch would be one way. One such pickup made it another two miles past me before they spun out. The only thing saving them from hitting a guard rail was all of the snow the plows had deposited against it. The thing was, the joker got their vehicle going straight again and still kept going their dangerous pace, so they didn’t learn.

Anyway, despite my extra time of writing, I want this snow to go away. Spring is nearly upon us (it hit 60 this last weekend), so this hell is almost over for Jynx and I.


Posted by Jehree on
Wow some people never learn! That driver should’ve been scared after the spin out and went slower Geesh! I am also glad Spring is here and can’t wait for warm weather everyday. Was shocked Texas got a cold front these past few days, it’s April for goodness sake! Lol
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