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stinky mess

Posted by admin | June 28, 2018

Twice this week, I've had to clean up cat diarrhea and once a hairball. Worse is that both times it was all over the place and not just one spot. Zailey and Milo helped clean it up... by eating some of it. The stench was so bad, it made me gag to clean it up.

Last night, I was reading something I had written a few weeks ago. There were sentences that went nowhere and some awful grammar (like using peace instead of piece). For the most part, the piece worked, but it needed some clean up in the stinky parts. Worse is that I was reading this to my writing group to get feedback. They not only provided feedback on this chapter, but it led to a discussion on how "well" this chapter fit with the rest of the book. I felt sick by the end of the discussion as I am left with some huge decisions to make. Not what I want to do when I've written over 2/3rds of the novel (much better to have all the decisions made in the planning stage). At least these points are being made now instead of after the book is published.

Whither it is the cat or my writing, all I can do is clean the shit and move on.


Posted by Jehree on
Very funny analogy! Reminded me of cleaning up a rawhide bone my dog vomited once in Kansas. That was the worst clean up I ever had and vomited as well. Sounds like you got good feedback but like you said better now than after it’s published!
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