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the thunder rolls and the lightning strikes

Posted by admin | April 6, 2021

milo getting comfort

We had our first, severe thunderstorm a couple of weeks ago. Milo, as usual, was freaking out. He was trembling and cowering with every strike. It didn’t help that some of it shook the house. Plus, the rain was pelting down in big drops.

He first sought solace in a blanket on the couch, but it wasn’t long before he was on my lap then crawling up my chest. Zailey just looked at him like he was dumb. Or maybe she was jealous of the extra attention. Anyway, Milo trembled and whined as he laid on my chest (I was halfway reclined in my chair). Even after the thunderheads were gone, he still stayed where he was since it was raining, and he didn’t know if there was going to be another strike soon or not.

I’m doing some work in my novel, Thunderbolt Curse, which starts with a lightning strike that knocks Marta and Bourne unconscious. Marta recovers quickly, but Bourne is out of it for a couple of days. The “witch” (the gender of the person is called into question) who attacks them has some abilities that the current ensemble of good guys (well, mainly gals, but I’m using guys here in the collective human sense) lack.

From the very beginning, even though Marta is previously shown as this all powerful being, her abilities are put to the test. Plus, I’ve now got a bigger cast of characters to juggle through this new threat to them and possibly more than just them. All because of a little lightning strike and not knowing when or where the next strike will come from.

So, while Milo has nothing to fear from the thunder, my characters do. I’ll keep comforting Milo and cranking out more of this story.


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