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trying to rest

Posted by admin | March 28, 2019

I was sick a few weeks ago and I needed a nap. Apparently, Zailey couldn’t make it through the whole nap time. She woke my wife and was put out with Milo. Then the baby gate was not put up at the bottom of the stairs, so the dogs had free reign of the entire house.

When I first felt a dog climbing on me, I thought it was Milo. In my sleep addled mind, I was coming to terms with the animal on me as he only weighed about ten pounds. I could go back to sleep with him on me. As the dog crawled to my chest, I was laboring to breath more than I expected. I pushed the dog down only to realize that the dog was bigger than I thought. It was Zailey on me.

I got her pushed down and got her to get of the bed. I rolled over to try to get back to sleep. Milo was on the bed, but in my wife’s spot that she just vacated and Jynx was sleeping in the far corner away from me. Zailey decided that if she couldn’t be on the bed, the cat shouldn’t either. Zailey tried to get in Jynx’s face a couple of times, but was rebuffed each time with a swift pop. The shrill Zailey barks alerted me to this. I had to yell to get her to quit. She then laid on the floor to nap there.

Jynx was now awake from his nap, so he needed some loving. I was the closest parent (and his preferable one anyway), so he climbed up on me. Milo got jealous and grumbled at the cat. The cat gave a warning back (something like an “ack-ack-ack") and walked right over me to my nightstand to look out the window. Having succeeded in keeping the cat away, Milo went back to sleep.

Getting sick always sucks. My housework time and writing time suffers from this. Since this was a weekend, I didn’t have to call in sick to work, so at least that didn’t suffer. Falling behind schedule is the most disappointing thing about something like this. I also found it hard to find time to get back on schedule this time around. I’ve been sucked back into doing a little more with coins the week I was sick. While the payoff sounds promising this time around, it still takes a lot of time from me, particularly in getting it off the ground.

With all of the commotion on my bed, I found that I had to get up despite being groggy. Time waits for no one, though. Zailey, Milo, Jynx, and I march on.


Posted by Jehree on
Dang sorry to hear you got sick! Funny the fur babies were fighting over your affections tho. Hope you are feeling better!
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