Exploring the dark side of humanity to find the light.

Origins of an Author

One night in 2007, I had a dream. It wasn't as profound as Dr. Martin Luther King's, but it changed my life. I couldn't stop thinking about it. The dream was a nightmare that haunted me for two weeks. During my waking hours, I thought about a backstory to it. So, I wrote it all down in outline form and slowly began writing Alien Fear. The dream was only a chapter and a half in the book, but it didn't stop there. I added on to the book by creating a part two.

I originally finished the book in 2012 and began to seek out traditional publishers for it. At first, I had agents asking for more materials and even a few that asked for the complete manuscript. Unfortunately, agents became wary of first time authors in the ever expanding self-publishing landscape. To help combat this and show them I could sell, I put together my first collection of short stories, Shorts, and published it in 2014. I had so much fun putting it together and it was successful (I was making a profit), so I put together my second collection of short stories, Dark Matter. After the success of these first two publications, I decided that I would finally self-publish Alien Fear. This was 2016 and I also had another novel completed at this time and I got to work to publish it. To date, Shorts continues to be my best seller.

I didn't look back after that. Wither a short story or novel, I am constantly working on something (or usually multiple somethings). My latest newsletter has a section on the current state of the things that I am working on. So, check that out if you want to see what is going on.


The Team

The following is a list of editors that I've used in the past:

  • Darci Englin - Shorts and Dark Matter. A freelance editor from Arkansas. Retired from editing in 2015.
  • Toni Landenberger - Alien FearGun Smuggler's Tale, and Tech Fear. A freelance editor from Kansas. Retired from editing in 2017.
  • Crystal Lenz, Crystal Lenz Editing - One story in Twisted. An editor from Kansas. Did not retire, but was too busy and didn't feel like she was a good fit to work on the rest of Twisted.
  • Cynthia Shepp, Editing Services by Cynthia Shepp - The rest of Twisted, Flaming Curse, and Whispers Within. An editor from Alabama.

The following is a list of narrators I've used in the past:

  • Jeffrey Konrad - Alien Fear. Currently focusing on his primary job as a Physical Therapist.
  • DW Draffin - Gun Smuggler's TaleTech FearFlaming Curse and Whispers Within. Also a writer, he has narrated numerous books. Check him out here.

The following is a list of cover artists I've used in the past:

  • Jordan Mizell - Alien Fear and Tech Fear. Check out his great stuff here.

All of these people were great to work with and put in a lot of effort in getting my stuff presentable to the public. I am grateful to all of them!


Social Media


What People are Saying


  • "Good read if you like short stories." - LaToya Livingston
  • "Great collection of shorts. Loved the prefaces. Always a twist in each story." - jen
  • "I really enjoyed this collection of short stories. The short story is a challenging format for a writer, and Mr. Olson does it very well. I found myself wanting more stories, they were so imaginative." - Jo

Alien Fear:

  • "Altho it isn't my usual type of genre I enjoyed reading Alien Fear. It has some unexpected turns and kept me wanting to read what happens next. With humor and suspense it kept me entertained from cover to cover." - CRooney Amazon Customer
  • "Great story involving Alex, his girlfriend Melanie and friend Wally in the soon approaching alien invasion. Exciting scenes of attack and aftermath." - jehree
  • "I really enjoyed this book as it was interesting and not impossible to comprehend. The story line was easy to follow and wasn't predictable. I rated it at 4 stars and I look forward to a sequel" - Amazon Customer D.Clough

Gun Smuggler's Tale:

  • "Great read! I couldn't wait to see what crazy thing was going to happen to Clarke next!" - mbean54

Tech Fear:

  • "I was seriously involved in this story that reflects human nature as it repells faith and favors distrust and anger. Self preservation motivates us all. A good read with a predictable ending. I look forward to additional stories by this author. I rated it at 4 stars for individuality." - Amazon Customer D.Clough


  • "I picked this up at a book festival and met the author. I honestly didn't have super high hopes for this but was cautiously optimistic. I was really very pleasantly surprised by how clever and well-written most of these short stories were. I look forward to reading more of his work!" - Jason Walker

Flaming Curse:

  • "Great dialogue and story line. Character development is wonderful and very detailed. Great story! Enjoyed it very much!! Thank you!" - jehree
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