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ask and ye shall receive

Posted by admin | June 15, 2021

blue cat

My wife, a couple of friends, my mother-in-law, and I were out boating a couple of weeks ago. My wife, one friend, and I were fishing, or at least trying to fish. Bass were being caught here and there by the friend and my wife, though only one decent sized to keep. Hell, my friend even caught a real nice sized crappie. I was getting skunked.

I pouted about it but was having a good time in helping the others catch their fish and chatting with everyone in the boat. My wife had a new toy – a fish finder – and I was enjoying her playing with it and getting frustrated when she accidentally switched languages. It was getting near dark when my pole came alive. It fought and fought and seemed to be a heavy sucker. The line then went slack as the fish gave up for a while. Then when it saw the boat, it fought twice as hard to free itself. It was a fat, 19.5-inch blue catfish!

I was bored one evening and saw a meme on facebook saying I should be writing. I rolled my eyes at it and thought about the various writing projects I had to work on. I knew I needed to get a short story done sooner than later to submit to one of my writing groups. I just didn’t have any ideas on what to write about.

Then a joke showed up in my feed. To tell the joke here would spoil the story, but it was about a haunting and not believing in ghosts. I liked (or maybe I hit the laugh emoji) on the post, but the wheels in my mind were grinding. I ran with it and got a pretty damn good story. I’ll share it in a future newsletter before eventually publishing, so sign up if you haven’t already!

See what good can come if only you just ask for it! (Though, I’m still waiting for my billion dollars!)


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