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Posted by admin | September 17, 2019

Cue the Alfred Hitchcock music. Jynx has officially gone psycho. Due to more medical problems (namely a cracked tooth that had to be extracted), Jynx no longer tolerates solid food at all and will not eat pâté that much either. We now have him on a strictly gravy and meat chunk diet. This means that he will not eat his pill pocket with amitriptyline hidden inside. So, now he is bouncing off the walls.

It really pisses off Zailey. Jynx runs past her kennel while she is locked up and she must grumble her displeasure each and every time.

Also, my wife is pissed because Jynx is a night owl again. He’ll walk on her head and knock her phone off the nightstand to wake her up. He wants a snack and she is more likely to give him one than I am. Either that or I sleep deeper and can’t be wakened by his antics. Either way, I am spared his midnight shenanigans until I hear my wife yell at him.

I’ve gone a bit psycho myself, lately. Part of it is that I am not getting enough sleep. Between allergies, my back giving me fits, and a ton of weird nightmares, I just don’t sleep well. What’s worse is that the more that I don’t rest, the more my back and allergies affect me, feeding more into the cycle. My nightmares are due to my anxiety, so I just need to deal with that the best that I can. The thing is that I am currently traveling and that always increases my anxiety. No rest for the wicked.

So, back to my psycho-ness. I’ve actually gotten something good out of it. I wrote a killer short story about a psycho monster for an anthology. At least I hope it makes it into the anthology. I retain the rights to the story if it is published there, so I will be putting it into an upcoming collection of my own (Infinite Horizons is due out in 2021, but I’m not sure when the rights will revert to me).

Jynx and I are psychos. Watch out world, here we come!


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