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Posted by admin | February 14, 2018

Milo hates me! He had to spend the weekend at the vet and he has hated me ever since I picked him up on Monday. He's spent a bunch of weekends at the vet, so I'm not sure why this time was so different.

After getting him home, I had to retreat to my computer room as I was working from home. I heard some sniffing outside my room and opened the door to find him there even though the baby gate was up at the bottom of the stairs (he snuck under it, I guess). I picked him up only to have him squirm away. I regathered him and tried to hug and comfort him only to have him bite my face (lightly and didn't draw any blood). I thought I had touched a sore on him the way he acted, so I got hold of him again and tried to see if he had an injury. He wasn't physically injured.

After that, he stayed away from me. The only time he would come to me is if I had a treat. At one point when I was watching TV, he even acted like he wanted to lay on me. Instead, he just watched me and danced away if I tried to pet him.

He is slowly letting go of his grudge. He let me pet him for a minute last night before he remembered that he hated me. Hopefully tonight he'll be back to normal.

Since this is Valentine's Day, it is fitting to talk about my wife and her grudge of my writing. Writing takes time. She sees it as taking her time even though I mostly do it when she is asleep, at work, or busy doing something else. She also sees it as time I could be spending on chores, walks with the dogs, or exercising (because she worries about my health).

What she doesn't see (or maybe she has forgotten) are all the passages that are inspired by her or something she has said. I know she has forgotten about me sharing a dream and her response was that I should write it into a novel (it only made it as a short story so far, but it was published in Dark Matter). I love her, in part, because of her encouragement and the inspiration she has been. Heck, I love her despite her grudge on my writing time.

Milo will soon prove that grudges fade over time. To everyone, but most especially my wife, Happy Valentine's Day!



Posted by Jehree on
Cute story! Hope you guys had an awesome Valentines Day!
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