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pen pal

Posted by admin | June 18, 2019

I’m going to start this blog in the reverse of what I normally do and talking about my writing. Actually, I want to talk about my writing pen pal. We trade chapters and stories for each other to critique. We also discuss the trials and tribulations of writing and publishing in this day and age. I’d like to think that we are figuring this thing out together. You can check her stuff out here.

Jehree and I met at a writing group meeting years ago. I was reading her first novel and she was reading one of mine before she moved to Texas. We do chat sometimes about life in general, but most of the time it is just about business. She still hasn’t read the ending to that novel that I’m still working on and she has finished two. Brenda is my favorite if you want my opinion, though I may be a little biased.

The dogs and cat are also social via the interweb. My wife follows different dog and cat sites on Facebook. She’ll see a dog that she thinks is Zailey’s twin and show them to me. Or she finds Milo’s or Jynx’s twin to show. These pictures are never as cute as Zailey, as handsome as Milo, or as regal Jynx.

My wife also posts pictures of the dogs and cat to these channels. She’ll get a ton of likes from complete strangers enjoying our animals. She’ll also get excited to see a dog that could by Zailey’s boyfriend or find an animal that could by Milo’s or Jynx’s girlfriend. It’s fun to see this interaction.

Fun is the key word here. Getting something worked out with my pen pal or seeing Zailey, Milo, and Jynx be temporary internet celebrities is fun!


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