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delayed homecoming

Posted by admin | November 29, 2019

My trip home from Arizona last month was delayed by about twelve hours. Instead of landing at home around 10:30PM, I was forced to stay a night in Dallas due to mechanical problems with the craft leaving Phoenix. When I did finally make it home, the dogs met me with a ton of enthusiasm as they were beyond excited to see me. Jynx gave me a few mews and demanded some attention as well. I was willing to give them the attention as I missed them all!

Oh, and that mechanical problem turned my layover from being about two and a half hours into fifteen minutes (I was lucky to even have that as there was some time made up in the air). It took me five minutes to get off the plane. Those of you familiar with DFW, I had to go from gate C2 to E37A in ten minutes. I missed my plane by about five minutes. The airline already had me booked on a new flight the next morning. I spoke with a couple of attendants and got a hotel room and a meal voucher, so at least the extra day didn’t cost me anything but time Oh, and I couldn’t get my suitcase, so no toiletries or even change of clothes, not that I had anything clean.

Now to the one advantage of the overnight stay; I called in sick to work and had some extra time to work on writing projects. If you’ve been following me long, you must realize that I take advantage of any spare time to work on my writing. This was no different.

So, even though I missed my kids one extra day, I got some good out of it. Though, I would rather arrive home on the right damn day!


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