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Posted by admin | June 17, 2018

Whenever we go out of town and have to board the dogs, we tell them that they are staying in a hotel. Really, they are going to their vet. This raises some anxiety from time to time. Milo had a bad experience at the vet getting some teeth extracted, so now he tries to hide in a ball when we go. This trip wasn't too bad for him though as I think he has forgotten that experience. Zailey had a tough time being dropped off, though.

When we arrived, Milo was bouncing around so much that I decided to pick him up and carry him in. Zailey walked in on her own accord. The first obstacle was the door. I think she could smell what was coming and was starting to clam up. She barely put her head in the door and was looking around. So I had to pull her a bit to get her to go in.

Once in, a big lab (about 150 lbs) went nuts at seeing Milo being carried. The dog was behind the counter and couldn't see Zailey. The tech working the desk said it was her personal dog and had to work to get the dog to settle down. Zailey was hiding behind me. Even with the counter already separating them, she needed my added protection.

With the dog settled, the tech was able to call another tech to get Milo and Zailey. This tech also carried Milo and took Zailey's leash. Zailey wouldn't have any of it, so she tried to head for the door. She didn't cry or bark. Instead, she used all of her energy to try to walk the tech out the door. The tech and I managed to assuage her fears and got her to go. Either that, or she realized that she wasn't going to make it out those doors and had to follow the technician. Either way, she was taken back to be boarded.

This wasn't the first time I've had to leave my babies this month. Last week I was in Atlanta working. I had some down time in the evenings. I was able to escape my customers long enough to put down a chapter. It was great sitting at my hotel room desk and having no distractions. I wish I had more down time during that week or I really could have gotten a lot done. There have been talks about me potentially going to Pendleton, SC and Orlando in the coming months. Plans are also underway for a trip to Tuscon/Phoenix in October. Plus, I have a stay-cation the week of Independence Day where I plan to ditch my distractions by heading to the library to work on stuff. I still will manage to get some stuff done during times where I am interrupted, but I hate those times. All-in-all, some great things are coming.

Hotels can be great as long as there isn't a big ass lab barking its head off at you as you come in. Even if there is one, you've got to soldier on and get past it to the great stuff. In Zailey's case, the great stuff is probably going to be when I go to pick her up tomorrow morning and then she'll shower me with kisses because she missed me so much!


Posted by Jehree on
Great blog post! I remember those days taking dogs to be boarded or to the vet. They always are grateful when you return!!
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